Annual Report 20-21

Discover the Annual Report 20-21 from al Gohar foundation. This report includes comprehensive information on the foundation's performance, achievements, and goals for the current year.
Learn more about their successes, plans for the future, and how to get involved.

Registration- Certificate

A symbol of our official commitment. Recognized by authorities, Al-Gohar Educational and Welfare Society continues its mission to empower lives through education, healthcare, and social welfare initiatives.
Trust and accountability make a lasting impact on those in need.

PCC 2023- Certificate

Certificate Punjab Charity Commission 2023: Accreditation of Excellence. We proudly present the Certificate from Punjab Charity Commission, granted in 2023, recognizing Al-Gohar Educational and Welfare Society, as a distinguished organization committed to charitable endeavors.

NTN- Certificate

A mark of transparency and responsibility. Issued by Islamic Republic Of Pakistan government authorities, it showcases our compliance with tax regulations.
With this certificate, Al-Gohar Educational and Welfare Society reaffirms its commitment to serving the community through sound financial practices.